Endorsements for Dr. Davey Edwards for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office


Lone Star Liberty 

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Lane Akin, Wise County Sheriff and former Texas Ranger

Tonight Dr. Davey Edwards announced his candidacy for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. He is not the typical politician who is attempting to use the office as a political stepping stone. He is a professional land surveyor who understands the importance of protecting and properly utilizing Texas sovereign lands.

Dr. Gary Jeffress, Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor and university professor

“Dr. Davey Edwards, RPLS, LSLS, is fast becoming a leading expert on riparian boundaries in Texas.  His PhD dissertation used remote sensing technology to monitor changes along the Red River, which forms much of the northern boundary of Texas with Oklahoma.   Davey is adept at taking the advantage of science and technology to assist in the monitoring of riparian boundaries, which can change faster than policy makers realize.”

Garey Gilley, Texas Registered Professional Land Surveying, Texas Licensed State Land Surveyor, former Mayor pro-tem and councilman of Fort Worth

“Years ago when Texas was mostly a one Party State, the only people whose names went on the ballot to serve as the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office was highly qualified to run that agency.  Davey Edwards is the most qualified person to seek that office in at least the last four or five commissioners.”

Bill O’Hara, Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor, Texas Licensed State Land Surveyor, former Chief Surveyor and Director of the Survey Division of the Texas General Land Office

“I am real happy for the State of Texas to have such a qualified, honorable man running for this office.  Davey understands what the job entails and he will do a good job at it.  He does not fear anything.  He says what is on his mind and goes forward with what he feels is a just cause.  It will take somebody with the leadership, which Davey Edwards has.  I support Davey Edwards, Son of Wise County, I look forward to him running and being a part of his campaign.”