Dr. Davey Edwards for Texas Land Commissioner

Texans, let’s vote to “reimagine” a qualified Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office!

There is a choice for Texas Conservative Values!

In March 2018 during the Republican Primaries, Texans will have a choice for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. Texans have spoken and their voices are being heard so I am running for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office as a Republican in 2018.

I’m a 6th generation Texan that is qualified in land administration systems and passionate about my Texas heritage.  The Texas General Land Office, the first created agency in 1836, is an unknown but important agency in Texas tasked with generating revenue for the Permanent School Fund which supports public education in Texas.  The GLO is also responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the Alamo.

Recently, these two historic places have come under attack due to lack of interest in Texas historical knowledge and a passion for Texas in order to build a political portfolio for higher office.  Texas is unique because it was once a sovereign nation who won her independence from Mexico in 1836 through the battle cry “Remember the Alamo!”  And because of this sovereignty and the 1850 Compromise, Texas retained all her land to benefit the growth of Texas meaning there is NO Federal lands in Texas.  Texas sovereign lands are under the stewardship of the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, an elected position since joining the Union in 1846.  For the first century of its existence, the position had been held by a land surveyor or at least by individuals who had knowledge of land surveying.  The last few decades this office has been held by politicians who have sought higher offices pushing their selfish agendas with disregard to the agency.


I am standing up for Texas and pursuing this prestigious office.  My goal is to be the voice of Texans by addressing the following issues:

  • Protecting the Texas General Land Office from the neglect and abuse of politicians by being a steward of Texas sovereign lands using my expertise.
  • Properly applying the statutes for the preservation and maintenance of the Alamo through transparent leadership and perpetuation of the Alamo Complex using historical architecture and restoring remembrances of those who died for Texas sovereignty in the 1836 battle!  Seek solution to keep the Alamo from being politicized.
  • Continue to fight against intrusions of Federal land claims against Texans and the interest of the State of Texas.
  • Providing the lowest interest rate loans for Veterans who seek to purchase Texas lands and homes.  Building more long-term and Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities for Veterans.
  • Monitoring and conservation of Texas mystique coastline without forcibly infringing on the private property rights of Texans.
  • Educate Texans and the world on the importance of the Texas General Land Office and proper land administration systems management.

Following the Texas Aggie Core Values (Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service), I will lead through Texas conservative values which represents Texans.  If you are looking for a choice for a true Texan to serve in Austin as the next Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, please support me and share with your family and friends.

Thank you!

Vote to “Reimagine the Alamo” or Vote for Davey to “Remember the Alamo!”